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Smart classrooms are the future of interactive learning. They integrate interactive and responsive technologies into the classroom setup for the benefit of learners and the teacher. The teacher is able to see what each student is doing from their console or from a shared digital resource, like our interactive smartboard.

This gives the teacher the power to have absolute control over what each student is working on and be able to monitor the whole class at once.

Each student device, and the teacher's, is connected via the classroom's WiFi network to our smartclass management system. From there the teacher has control of the entire class. S/he can remotely switch students' devices on or off, beam a video tutorial to some or all students' devices, see what a student is working on and assist them via messaging and so on.

Some merits of having our smartclass management system are:

  1. 1. The teacher can monitor each student's work from their console.
  2. 2. A student's work can be shared by the teacher onto the smartboard for others to contribute.
  3. 3. Student's computers/tablets can be switched off remotely by the teacher when they want the students to pay attention.
  4. 4. Our software can work with Android, Windows and even iOS.


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